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Sarcoma Disease Site Team

The Sarcoma Disease Site Team is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of surgical oncologists, orthopedic oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, specialized primary nurses, pathologists, radiation therapists, physicists, radiologists and dedicated support staff, including a new patient referral clerk and pharmacist.  A clinical trials nurse also helps the team in coordinating patient enrollment in sarcoma related clinical trials and research.

Patients with Sarcoma are seen in the sarcoma multi-disciplinary clinic weekly. Weekly multi-disciplinary rounds are held to provide a forum for the team to discuss any new patient cases, review pathology and decision-making regarding potential treatments and to discuss the care of patients currently receiving treatments.

What is Sarcoma?

Sarcomas are malignancies that arise in soft-tissue and bone. They affect all age groups and may arise in any part of the body. These are rare tumours and are best treated by caregivers specializing in Sarcoma.

The goals of sarcoma management include both cure and functional preservation of involved or adjacent organs and critical structures. A primary focus of recent research into sarcoma management is on the investigation of the optimal combination and sequencing of these different treatment modalities including radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. In addition, the use of more limited surgery and improved reconstructive techniques has increased the preservation of function, while maintaining a high level of local tumor control.  

Source - Sarcoma: Expert Panel Review




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