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Gynecologic Oncology Disease Site Team

The Gynecologic Oncology team at the Juravinski Cancer Centre specializes in the care of women with gynecological malignancies including:

In addition, members of the team will participate in the care of women with Gestational Trophoblastic disease or patients requiring extensive surgical interventions for pelvic tumours, or for complex surgeries for benign conditions if requested by referring Gynecologists.

Treatment modalities may include surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy based on the most current literature and Best Practice Guidelines.

A collaborative multidisciplinary approach to patient care allows us to optimize patient care.  Members of the team include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, clinical trials nurses, radiation therapists, supportive care and administrative support.  This highly skilled team of individuals focuses on patient centred care to provide you with the best care during your treatment and follow-up.

The members of the team interact frequently with hospitals based experts with special interest in the management of Oncology related issues. These include experts in Pathology, Radiology and Laboratory Medicine.

We offer minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures such as laparoscopy for appropriate indications, as well as fertility sparing procedures where possible.  An example is Radical Trachelectomy for select early invasive cervical cancer patients.

Our radiation department allows the delivery of highly specialized treatment including IMRT (Intensity Modulate Radiation Therapy) for patients that require external beam boost and HDR (High Does Rate) Brachytherapy to optimize cure and minimize potential side effects.

Our provision of care services a population of over 2 million in our area, with regular on-site participation in the Cancer Centres of Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

In Hamilton, daily clinics are held within the centre to screen, diagnose, treat and care for patients along their journey.

Opportunities also exist for patients to participate in clinical trials which often help compliment our standard treatment options and help gather information that will broaden our current knowledge in treatment.  Please click here to view Actively Accruing Clinical Trials.




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